Smarter Supplier Management

Trade Interchange helps organisations reduce the costs, risks and complexities associated with managing a large supplier base. We provide many leading companies with our innovative cloud based software products and our renowned fantastic service.



Our cloud-based proprietary ARCUS® Supplier Management platform features the following easily-configurable modules that are fast to deploy and simple to use.

  • SIM – Supplier Information Management.
  • eRFX – Electronic Request for Price, Information, Quotation. Online equivalent of supplier tenders, ITTs or PQQs.
  • eAuctions – Supplier Negotiations, Reverse Auctions.
  • SCM – Supplier Contract Management.
  • SS – Supplier Scorecard, measuring supplier performance.

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  • eAuctions - Fully Managed Service underpinned by the ARCUS® Supplier Management platform.

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