Smarter Supplier Management

Trade Interchange’s cloud based ARCUS® Supplier Management software is designed to transform the way you manage supplier related risks, helping to prevent, minimise and track supplier risks simply and efficiently.

The integrated modules can be used in any combination or on a standalone basis to address Supplier and Contractual Risk, Supplier Performance Management and eSourcing.

The single, central system for managing suppliers and supplier information helps:

  • Efficiently manage supplier related risks
  • Protect brand and reputation
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Encourage collaboration across the business and supplier base.
  • Enable business transformation


 The Modules


SIM: Supplier Information Management  
A central platform for collecting, storing and managing supplier data


eRFX: Online tendering tool 
Streamline and give transparency to the tendering process


eAuction:  Supplier negotiations 
Reverse auctions that help increase sourcing savings


SCM: Supplier Contract Management
Central storage and management of contracts and agreements


SPM: Supplier Performance Management
Tool for tracking supplier performance set against corporate KPIs and SLAs

Find out more about the ARCUS® platform and how the modules work together here.

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